Burnout Consultation with Emma Matthews

90-minute call with Burnout Coach & Mentor, Emma Matthews. Your investment also includes a week of post-session support.

A 90-minute consultation meeting via Zoom with burnout expert, mentor and coach, Emma Matthews.

Your investment includes a free burnout support workbook and a week of text and voice note support (weekdays) from Emma after the session.


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Emma Matthews

Emma is a burnout expert, mentor and coach. She had a high-flying senior career in the financial services industry before experiencing a serious burnout, which changed everything. At the time there was little information available about burnout and Emma found the journey to recovery really isolating and lonely. She read everything she could about burnout, tried all the techniques going and recovered through a series of trial and error. Emma, now a trained coach and hypnotherapist, helps her clients to collapse time on their recovery and feel fully supported during the journey through her 1on1 coaching, group mentorship and courses.

Victoria Mui

Business and Marketing Consultant

After 2+ years of overworking, I had a tough time returning back to “normal”. I was experiencing a lot of effects that I didn’t recognize.  Emma has helped me to identify my symptoms as signs of trauma and burnout. Her patience and her empathic coaching have helped me tremendously with my recovery.

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